Opossum carnage: looking at the damage that opossums can cause in your attic and under your house

You may never have seen one yourself, but you have certainly heard of it. As the only marsupial native to North America, the opossum is certainly an intriguing creature. On the one hand, its immunity to venoms and tendency to play dead whenever it feels threatened never cease to impress us but on the other hand, its undeniably hideous outlook and pestiferous nature hasn’t exactly made it a favorite among the masses.

Opossums are known to end up in all sorts of places and wreak havoc. That is exactly what has made them one of the most detested creatures in all of America. Let’s take a closer look at the damage these wretched marsupials can cause, especially in your attic and under your house.

They like to settle down in your attic
Opossums saunter in and set up their homes wherever they please, which is a huge problem. They will spend all sorts of containers in your attic because these things provide ideal shelter, and rip into boxes, blankets, and clothes to get their bedding material. Aside from resulting in the loss of valuable possessions, this is bound to leave a huge mess that will be a nightmare to deal with.

They also like to settle down under your house
Opossums are prone to digging up holes under your porch and dragging up all sorts of garbage in it which creates an unpleasant and unbearable environment. They will defecate…..everywhere! You can’t expect an opossum to be potty-trained, but that doesn’t make you any less angry when it ends up dumping its waste in your attic or under the porch. This not only creates a foul smell but also propagates diseases throughout your house as the waste, unsurprisingly, consists of harmful bacteria and parasites. In the attic, the opossum waste can also seep through the boards, and you will ultimately have to replace them which can be costly and time-consuming. An opossum relieving itself under the porch is even worse because the smell is essentially the first thing that will greet your guests and that can put them off.

Fire hazards
An opossum that ends up in your attic can pull and chew on electric wires, which can produce sparks that may ultimately lead to a fire.

Machine malfunction
These demented creatures will damage any machines that are present in your attic, which might be hazardous but will also certainly result in significant losses for you.

Water contamination
If you happen to have your water tank in the attic, then there’s one more thing to worry about with regards to opossums that end up there. Their mere presence can attract a lot of fleas and flies to your tank, and of course, there’s always the chance that they might defecate near or in it, which will ultimately contaminate your water supply.

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